The Time Keepers:
timeless immutable art

The Time Keepers is an exclusive collection of 7200 NFTs on the Solana blockchain where holders can own an hour and minute of the day.

Holders will benefit from merchandise sales of their NFT, community fund management, exclusive access to additional mints, and distribution of royalties to original minters and Time Keeper holders.

The Time Keepers will be a timeless collection to provide long-term value to all owners.


When is the mint?

Early adopters: 28th Oct 9pm UTC time.

Public mint: 29th Oct 9pm UTC Time.

What is the price?

1 SOL (0.75 SOL @ presale)

Do you have a rarity / ranking system?

Yes! The rarities will be released at reveal along with a rarity sniper bot on discord.

Are there secondary sales royalties?

Total royalties will be 5% of secondary sales. 10% will be distributed back to the original minters of The Time Keepers and an additional 15% will be distributed to current holders - 25% if you mint and hold.

How can I mint?

First, you have to create a Solana wallet. We recommend using Phantom or Sollet. Download one of these wallet extensions for your browser (Google Chrome recommended). Buy SOL on an exchange like Binance, FTX, or Coinbase and send it to your wallet’s public address. On mint day we will release the mint website for you to connect your wallet and mint your Time Keepers.

Will you donate some proceeds to charity?

Yes! We are proud to donate $80k USD of net mint proceeds will go to time-pressured charities:
The Greenpeace fund
Kids with Cancer Foundation
Leukaemia Foundation
We Forest Organisation
Action against hunger

Which secondary markets are you on?

We'll share secondary market details after mint.




The first 1440 NFT's minted will receive a print of their Time Keeper.



Begin developing the online market place where Time Keepers will be able to earn income from selling their TK NFT on merchandise.



Secondary sales royalties are set at 5%. Time Keeper holders will receive 15% of these royalties, and original minters will receive an additional 10%, so 25% total if you mint and hold.



$80,000 USD will be donated to various charities that deal with time pressured issues. Each Time keeper will be able to nominate where their percentage contribution goes.



The Time Keeper Community Fund (DAO) will be created with a starting pool of 1000 Solana.

What's next?

Exclusive mints, events and metaverse integrations